The saddest part is that Jonathan didn’t plan to take anyone else’s life,-only his own. The moment Buffy bursts in he must think ‘wow, someone cares enough to stop me’, then his face falls as he realises that Buffy’s only there to protect everyone else.



I really want to vote for Faith. She has so much potential, but she’s just so stupid. I don’t mean she’s unintelligent, I just think her anger clouds any rational thought or common sense. She’s so convinced that she’s worthless, that she never stops to think about what’s going on in her own head.


Without a doubt this is an epic episode. This is definitely one of those episodes that we pick off the shelf to re-watch again and again. It’s great to see Vampire Willow, and this episode is another key step in Willow’s character progression. We get a chance to have a break from the big heavy emotional plot lines, and play around with some normal coming of age stuff.


Faith tries to find a place for herself within the group, and when she still can’t measure up to Buffy she tries to pull Buffy down to her level. But Buffy won’t bend, and of all the mistakes made, it’s the fact that she feels she can never measure up to Buffy that sends her spiralling over the edge.