Becoming Part 2

This episode tops the scale, and slides straight in at the number one spot as the best episode so far, by far. The plot weaves together themes, and plot lines from the entire season managing to conclude the Angelus storyline as well as coming out as the slayer to her mother. It’s hard to find fault in this episode, and still it manages to keep pushing.

Becoming Part 1

Is Xander right? Should Buffy just kill Angelus? Or can all be forgiven if he regains his soul? It rather depends on the function of a soul in the Buffy-verse. This episode wins an 'epic ep' accolade and scores high across the board- fitting for the Season 2 finale Part 1.

I Only have Eyes for You

The episode was quite compelling to watch, hence why it scored full marks on plot. The tension ramps up from ghosts arguing, to real violence quickly but believably, and drags up a lot of recent history in the process. The only place that this episode loses points is on the ‘funnies’ score- it’s an emotionally hard hitting episode and it’s hard to include laughs-a-minute in with a serious story line so we’ll forgive it.

Killed by Death

I didn’t need to score this episode to know it’s one of my favourites. It feels like a Season 1 episode, but way better- the jackpot in the monster pick-n-mix. It’s no surprise that this episode scored highly for both ‘Creep Factor’ and ‘Big Bad’ earning it’s place amongst the top 10, and an ‘epic episode’ accolade.


Halloween- the night we don masks, hiding our faces only to reveal an inner truth. Such a deceptively simple episode on the surface: Enter villain of the week Ethan Rayne having some fun with the residents of Sunnydale turning them into their costumes. I love the plot, but that’s not why is gets such high scores for originality. This episode effortlessly reveals elements of each of the core characters’ insecurities.