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My fiance (A) and I (M) have loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel, ever since they first aired on UK television (1997). A couple of years after we met, when we were still impoverished students, we sacrificed our food budget to buy the DVDs of Buffy and Angel. Since then we have watched and re-watched almost every episode, and have argued and debated which episode is the best. Well, we’re fed up of arguing.

So for the twentieth anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer we are going to decide once and for all, which episode is the best. We’re re-watching every episode and scoring them on a number of important factors: script, plot, originality, funnies, creep factor and ‘Big Bad’. Each category is rated out of five using classic episodes such as ‘Hush’, ‘Once more with Feeling’, and ‘Smile Time’ as the benchmark top scorers.

Once we started watching them, we also realised that we would have to choose a favourite quote from each episode. We also noticed that so much has changed since Buffy first began that it was quite fun spotting the ‘retro throwback’ of the episode. We sometimes ended up with half a page of notes to go through at the end of each episode…

Hence, this blog.

Between ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel’ there are 254 episodes. We will be watching them in a recommended viewing order combining Buffy and Angel episodes from Season 4 onwards (The Watcher’s Countil blog). I will update the blog at least twice a week, but if there is a three episode story arc I will try and upload them all together, or at least close together. Posts will be published on Saturday’s and Wednesdays, unless it’s a special occasion when we might throw in a Monday.

We also have to say that if you’ve not watched all of Buffy and Angel (you don’t know what you’re missing), or to a lesser extent read the comics, there will be spoilers. That said, we do not aim to summarise or review the episodes. We write the blog to capture the conversations we have about each episode, and so if you’re not familiar with the plot it might not make much sense.

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