Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

Season Summary

Buff Season 1

So, we come to the end of Season 1. A season that we watched several times in the early days, but have rarely revisited since due to preference for other seasons in the Buffyverse. A season, which nevertheless, has revealed some surprises.

Scoring this season was a bit of a work in progress, things like the scoreboard came along in later episodes. Right at the beginning there was a bit of shuffling with the score criteria, which has now been frozen and will be taking us through the entirety of Buffy and Angel.

On average this season scored 14.6, which is almost a perfect 50%. Unfortunately we have seen all of Buffy and Angel before so of course we have an unconscious bias. In fact, we have a conscious bias, A has a list of his top scorers, and I have mine (hint: such episodes as Hush, Once More with Feeling and Smile Time are on that list). Still, we tried to be as fair as possible and were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed the first Season. Angel scored the highest, but we still enjoyed some classic Buffy episodes like Witch, The Puppet Show and Nightmares. These episodes are the ones that hint at what is to come; the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy, the depth of character and metaphors for the trials of daily life. Going back to the first season I realised how much I love Cordelia, and how even in the beginning she can’t help but be drawn to the Scooby gang. Now that I’m watching it as a thirty something rather than a teen I love Giles more than ever. I love his exasperation with the haste of youth, I love his love of books, and of course his unyielding Englishness. Watching it again I’m realising that though Buffy is the eponymous character, she isn’t the only main character, and in fact she can be downright daft sometimes. The strength of the show has nothing to do with Buffy’s superpowers, and everything to do with the power of friendship.

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Our most quoted character


Top scoring episodes in each category


Best Retro-throwback


Read our verdict on Season 1 here, and get to grips with our scoring system. If you’re done with Season One, check out Season 2.

The Final Verdict

  • Never Kill a Boy on the First Date          9.8
  • I Robot… You, Jane                                   10.0
  • Teacher’s Pet                                              11.8
  • Witch                                                           13.0
  • The Harvest                                                14.0
  • Welcome to the Hellmouth                     14.5
  • The Pack                                                     14.8
  • The Puppet Show                                      15.5
  • Out of Mind, Out of Sight                        16.5
  • Nightmares                                                16.8
  • Prophecy Girl                                            17.8
  • Angel                                                           21.5